A Facebook Group for Grieving Parents

A Facebook Group for Grieving Parents

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Over a year ago, I decided to create a Facebook group for grieving parents that would be a bit different from other existing groups. My goal was to create something unique, with the hope of it having fewer downsides than other groups might have.

This new peer-support group currently has 75 members and it is growing every week. The feedback has been very positive and I hope that it continues to help other parents.

Read the Q&As below to see what’s unique about this group. Even if you are not a grieving parent, you might be surprised by what you will read!

Online Facebook Group for Grieving Parents (French)

If you know anyone who has lost a child or a baby (of any age) and who can communicate in French (even if they use Google Translate), please share the group as it could help them with their healing.

Group Q&As

1. What is the name of the group?

Parents endeuillés du Québec (et du Canada) – Perte d’un enfant (deuil).

2. Why should I join or recommend this group?

There are many reasons why I recommend the group, here are a few:

  • Typical grief groups often include an abundance of sad stories, sad anniversary posts, and posts where the members say that they are missing their loved one. This can become overwhelming when you are already grieving. Whereas, this group encourages interactive discussions on a variety of topics.
  • Although the group include parents who are grieving, the focus is mainly on creativity and healing. Many members have said that the group is helping them with their grieving journey by providing them other ways of expression, as well as bringing comfort and encouragement.
  • Unfortunately, sharing projects and links are often banned in other grieving groups. For example, in most other groups, I am not allowed to share a link to my blog even though my blog is helpful and could also help other grieving parents.

    Concrete example (from a real group) : Other groups often have non-sharing rules which are very restrictive :
Other Facebook Groups ; no links allowed!

In contrast, our group allows members to their projects and accomplishments. Afterall, sharing and being proud helps with healing! If a grieving parent has a project or a little side-business they have started since their loss, and they share a link, it will not be denied!

  • Every week, topics are introduced to start a discussion between members. To prompt discussions, visual content and infographics are posted to make the group interactive and interesting.

3. What is the link to the group ?

The link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/en.deuil .

4. Who can join the group?

At this time, to join the group, there are 3 criteria. However, if there’s a demand to expand the group or for an English speaking group, I might consider creating other groups (refer to Q&A #8, #9 below). The members are :

  • parents who have lost a child or baby (of any age), or a stillborn.
  • able to communicate in French as the group is French-speaking. Francophiles are welcome! If you need help with the French, I will gladly help you!
  • in Canada.

5. What are examples of the topics of the week and/or infographics?

6. Is the group private or public?

The group is private; members must be approved to join the group. With a private group, only members can read the posts and the comments. Members can also post anonymously if they prefer not revealing their name to the group.

7. I am grieving but not from a loss of a child. Can I join the group?

Please send me a private message or leave a comment, I will be happy to discuss.

8. I am a bereaved parent but I live outside of Canada. Can I join the group?

If I receive numerous requests for a French group from all countries, I might consider creating another one. If you would like to join but aren’t Canadian, please send me a private message or leave a comment, I will be happy to discuss.

9. I am a bereaved parent but I do not speak French. Can I join the group?

I might consider creating another group in English if the demand is there. As such, please send me a private message or leave a comment; I will be happy to see how many are interested and discuss.

That’s it for now!
Do you have any thoughts or questions about the group?
Please share them in the comments below or send me a message.

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Resource :

Facebook Group for Grieving Parents : https://www.facebook.com/groups/en.deuil

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