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Zackaël Flintoff sleeping - dort

November is here

I write about some dreams that I have as a grieving mother. I include photos of the new stickers and panels I had ordered in honour of Zackaël.

Zackael balançoire - swing

Zackaël’s Soaring Love

I am revealing the other painting in honour of Zackaël, created by Vé Boisvert. Celebrating the life Zackaël, I am sharing a slideshow which includes beautiful moments with him.

Vé Boisvert Art Painting Toile Zackaël

Under Zackaël’s Wings

I reveal a beautiful artwork (with videos!) that was created in honour of Zackaël. The painting was created by Vé Boisvert, a talented artist.

Brigitte et Zackaël

The Day Zackaël was Born

I’m continuing to honour Zackaël during his birthday week. My readers have participated in my little survey and chose “The day Zackaël was born” as my next post. As such, I’m happy to share the story of his birth.

Zackaël Birthday Memorial

4 Years Ago; our 3 year-old Zackaël

Today, I continue to share beautiful moments we had with Zackaël. I go back 4 years, February 26, 2017, the day of his third birthday and share a video. I also present a memorial I set up at Le Prélude school for his birthday.

Zackaël at museum with MAxandre and Adélie

Happy Times Together

Carl writes about his best memories at museums with the kids. He also shares many photos, and how he feels when he drives by museums, now that Zackaël is no longer with us.

Hearst Ontario

Remembering our Moments Together

Today was a difficult day for us. We received the coroner’s report about Zackaël’s death. In honour of Zackaël, I share a memory about how he remembered my hometown (Hearst) on the map.

Zackaël Flintoff

My sweet little angel

I talk about 2 empathetic people who are wholeheartedly with us, by keeping the roadside monument and photo visible. In this post, I’m also sharing a poem that I wrote last spring.

Zackaël Flintoff - École le Prélude 2019 Orléans (Photomania) - environ 1 mois avant son décès - Zackaël sourit un peu trop

Gone but never forgotten

It is important to keep talking about our children who died. Friends and relatives mistakenly believe that it is best to avoid mentioning the deceased child in the presence of the bereaved parent. The worst thing to do is ignore that they existed, and ignore their grief and loss.

Adélie Flintoff TVA nouvelles Gatineau

Adélie on the News

Adélie à TVA Gatineau, TVA nouvelles. 1 an après l’accident sur la 323 avec l’orignal et le décès de Zackaël Flintoff

Broken Heart drawing from Bereaved Mother - Grieving Mother. Heart is cracked and bleeding

When Love and Sorrow Collide

I draw my broken heart, a heart of a grieving mother after child loss. I explain how Love and Sorrow Collide, how difficult it is to look at pictures and videos of my son.

Zackaël monument route 323 Roadside Memorial de la route 323 accident

Zackaël’s Roadside Memorial on the 323

Carl talks about the first time he went to the accident site (accident with moose) on the 323 near Namur and Notre-Dame-de-la-paix. He and his friends installed the roadside memorial in honour of Zackaël.

Blackburn Hamlet Hockey Association Stingers

Hockey and community support – Le soutien à travers le hockey

  English follows… Premièrement, j’aimerais vous remercier pour vos messages suite à ma publication précédente. Justement, parlant de cette publication, j’ai mentionné que je me suis souvent sentie seule suite à l’accident, malgré que j’étais entourée de gens remarquables. Il ne faut pas confondre ce commentaire de ma part en pensant que je n’appréciais pas […]

Zackaël’s Honour Book (Mixbook)

Pour la version originale de cette publication (version française), cliquez ici. I can’t believe we got the books today of all days! They were supposed to arrive on Thursday. Maybe Zackaël made it that they arrived today. This honour book about Zackaël was ordered last Monday on Mixbook. The book displays 77 beautiful coloured pages […]

Arbre commémoratif École le Prélude Commorative Tree

Commemorative Tree for Zackaël

Pour la version française, cliquez ici. At the end of October, a beautiful tree was planted at the Prélude school (in Orléans) in honour of Zackaël. We chose an ornamental chanticleer pear tree. In spring, the tree will be clothed in stunning clusters of white flowers . The white and the beauty of the flowers […]

Vigil Zackaël Vigile

Zackaël’s vigil – Vigile en mémoire de Zackaël

English follows… La vigile en mémoire de Zackaël a eu lieu vendredi soir le 13 novembre 2020. Un énorme merci pour tous ceux et celles qui sont venus. C’était une soirée mémorable…. plus à venir à propos de cette soirée! À noter que nous continuerons d’allumer les chandelles de la petite présentation avec photo que […]

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