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Zackaël, March 2019

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Zackael balançoire - swing

Zackaël’s Soaring Love

I am revealing the other painting in honour of Zackaël, created by Vé Boisvert. Celebrating the life Zackaël, I am sharing a slideshow which includes beautiful moments with him.

Vé Boisvert Art Painting Toile Zackaël

Under Zackaël’s Wings

I reveal a beautiful artwork (with videos!) that was created in honour of Zackaël. The painting was created by Vé Boisvert, a talented artist.

Brigitte et Zackaël

The Day Zackaël was Born

I’m continuing to honour Zackaël during his birthday week. My readers have participated in my little survey and chose “The day Zackaël was born” as my next post. As such, I’m happy to share the story of his birth.

Zackaël Birthday Memorial

4 Years Ago; our 3 year-old Zackaël

Today, I continue to share beautiful moments we had with Zackaël. I go back 4 years, February 26, 2017, the day of his third birthday and share a video. I also present a memorial I set up at Le Prélude school for his birthday.

Zackaël at museum with MAxandre and Adélie

Happy Times Together

Carl writes about his best memories at museums with the kids. He also shares many photos, and how he feels when he drives by museums, now that Zackaël is no longer with us.

Hearst Ontario

Remembering our Moments Together

Today was a difficult day for us. We received the coroner’s report about Zackaël’s death. In honour of Zackaël, I share a memory about how he remembered my hometown (Hearst) on the map.

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