On this page, I talk about my personal experience with depression and anxiety. I will also be adding articles about childhood depression and anxiety. I will continue to share resources for anyone who wants to cope and learn more about depression and anxiety, including those who are supporting someone else with mental illness.

Our Facebook Reels

I talk about Reels that I post on Social Media and how to follow our Facebook Group so you don’t miss the new Reels!

The Importance of Mental Health Awareness

I discuss why mental health awareness is more important than ever. I also include a list of mental health topics on which I plan to bring our real life experiences and tips to heal.

5 Small Ways to Help You Out of Depression (and backed by science!)

When we cope with depression, the tips we receive are often the same. However, these suggestions are often easier said than done, and might not be realistic to all stages of depression. A healthier approach is to begin by simple actions. In this post, I share my own experience with 5 small ways (tips) that…

How do you live in a landscape so vastly changed?

I started a course on grief. The course is called Writing Your Grief. Every day, we receive an email with a writing prompt encouraging us to explore an aspect of our grievance. Today is Day # 3.

Let’s Talk

Studies have shown that writing or talking about our difficulties has a positive impact on our health and immune system. Being vulnerable isn’t a weakness, but rather shows some emotional maturity.

My Complicated Grief

In this post, I share my journey of my complicated grief and how it was for the few months after the accident. I explain what is complicated grief (definition) and how it is to be a grieving mother.

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