What to Do If You Are Depressed?

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In a previous post about Complicated Grief, you might have read that I had fallen into a depression following the accident. It was probably inevitable given the circumstances of Zackaël’s death, my PTSD, and being in the hospital with my severely injured Adélie.

I eventually plan to write a post about what helped me “survive” the year after the accident: “The 5 things that helped me cope with depression.” This is not to say that I no longer have signs of depression. I am still grieving and suffer from anxiety.

Without disclosing my full top 5 list, I am revealing one today: Something I did that helped me deal with depression was being busy in a positive way. This is even more important during this time of pandemic as we are even more isolated.

Yet, it is also important to give ourselves time and not undertake projects if we are not ready. It took me at least 8 months after the accident to start small projects that I love. In my 23 Myths of Grief post, Myth #3 is “The best way to grieve is to avoid thinking about it too much. The bereaved should get busy by doing other things, such as going back to work.”. It is a myth that the bereaved should get busy right away and do other things. The bereaved first needs the time to be ready to do “other things”. Doing too much after a traumatic event is usually a bad idea. This is why we should first start with simple activities (e.g. taking a walk), before taking on projects.

Small projects shouldn’t be too demanding, and especially not stressful. Ideally, a person who is depressed should work on a project only when they feel like doing so, it should not feel like a chore. Note that returning to work doesn’t fall into this category (of starting a nice project) because it is more of an obligation (for most of us anyway).

Increasingly, numerous studies demonstrate the positive effects of Behavioral Activation.

A more proactive way of breaking the vicious cycle of depression is to increase our level of activity even if we don’t feel like it to begin with. This approach is called Behavioral Activation (BA) and it is a psychological treatment for depression with one of the biggest evidence bases to demonstrate how effective it is. Behavioral activation for depression is about making your life meaningful and pleasurable again.

Source: https://www.psychologytools.com/self-help/behavioral-activation/

As much as possible, we should find projects that bring us pleasure and that motivate us. In a future blog post, I plan to talk about behavioral activation with more concrete examples.

Without going into too much detail, I really think that the projects I undertook over the past year helped me a lot. Some bigger, like this blog, and some smaller. I try as much as possible to choose pastimes that bring positivity to my life. People who have supported my projects (for example, my readers who comment on this blog), have also motivated me to continue them.

This week, I continue with one of the projects that I love. I spoke about it in my last post : The Joey modular couch. With the Joey, not only am I helping the kids to have fun, but it also allows me to use my creativity in many ways! Lastly, I can help other parents (AKA “Roopers”) with their Joey!

The Joey Couch

Many other moms were excited to see this post because I’m revealing most of the colour combinations in one summary table. It all started with discussions in the Joey Facebook Group (CCBR VIP), when I saw that many of us (“Roopers”) weren’t sure which colour to order for a 2nd Joey or the accessories. I was able to help out and I hope this post will be beneficial for many. I also plan in the near future to post our reviews on some of the Joey’s build configurations.

Roopers Q&A

Here is a list of some of the questions I had received on the Facebook group. I share my answers here via a Q&A.

How did you manage to create all those combinations?

I use Photoshop and its “Selection” tool. I first select only certain parts of one couch (for example the pink one), align, and then past them on a couch of another colour. Because of the different angles, I often slightly resize some of the selections in order to perfectly align the two couches into one couch.

Do the combinations below represent the true colours of the Joey?

I work with the photos of Chew Chew Baby Roo (CCBR). I don’t alter the colours, I just “copy and paste” the selected couch sections from a different colour to create the couches with two-colour combinations.

I’m afraid the colours in your table below might not the same in my house?

Regardless of the product, it is normal to see various shades and intensity of the same colour. Each of us “Roopers” will have a couch that will appear different in our home vs another Rooper’s home. This isn’t because it’s not the “right colour” or that the colour changed, but rather because the light is not the same from house to house. The reality is that we don’t see the colour that is on the couch, but the COLOUR OF THE LIGHT THAT’S REFLECTED off the couch.

Unquestionably, the biggest factor will be where you place your Joey. Since the CCBR photos are taken with plenty of natural light, they might appear lighter than if the photos were taken in shaded area. As such, if you set your Joey in a basement or bedroom with little light, the Joey will probably look darker in your home. Also, artificial lighting will influences how a colour looks. Lastly, most of us have different cameras (mostly from cell phones) which might not display the colours we see in real life.

Because microsuede is a fabric that reflects a lot the natural light, you will see a lot of depth to the couch and therefore a lot of colour variations. This is why on a sunny day, some sections of the couch will appear much lighter than others.

In the example below, I’m demonstrating how much light conditions can affect colour. Using the Photoshop colour picker, I took 5 different shades directly from the very same couch. See how much box #1 is darker than box #5 even though it’s the same fabric (same colour)! This is the beauty of having a room with lots of natural light; we can see so much depth and colours! If your Joey happens to be in a darker location, you might not see the lighter shades (#4, #5). If there’s too much light, the colour might even appear less saturated or washed out (box #5) on some parts.

Therefore, when considering colours for a new purchase, I suggest looking at the “middle intensity colours”, in this case : boxes (#2, #3 and #4).

Your table displays more colours that what is currently available to order?

I’ve decided to include most of the colours, as many of us have couches with previous colours. Here is a history of when the colours have been available. Note that when colours are withdrawn, it doesn’t mean that they will be gone forever. The Core Colours that will be available of every pre-order are grey, sage and navy.

Pre-order #1: Pink, blue, sage, grey and black.
Pre-order #2: Navy, peach/nude, coral and mustard were added. Pink, blue, sage, grey, black, navy, peach, coral and mustard.
Pre-order #3: Same as #2 but peach/nude was removed. Pink, blue, sage, grey, black, navy, coral and mustard.
Pre-order #4: Same as #3 but teal was added. Pink, blue, sage, grey, black, navy, coral, mustard and teal.
Pre-order #5 : Pink, blue, black, coral and mustard are removed. Mint, Lavender and Ivory were added. Sage, grey, navy, teal, mint, lavender and ivory.

Could you create combinations with 3 colours?

Absolutely. Because there are 12 colours, and you can mix 3 colours in a set, that allows for 220 possible combinations! As such, I’ve created a poll below on which you can add your choice of 3 colours. Please verify that your 3 colours aren’t already listed if you wish to add them. To keep it simple, please only indicate the colours (and not the type pillows you want in a specific colour). The purpose of colour combinations is to see if the colours go well together.

Do you work for CCBR?

No I don’t. I’m creating this post to help other Roopers with colour combinations. For questions about the products, please contact CCBR.

My Two-colour Combinations Table

I haven’t included all the combos since some of them were never asked. Please let me know if there’s any that are missing that you wish to see because you are considering buying.

Joey Couch Review and Color combinations

Joey couch Review with colours combinations (nugget)
Orange and Lavender
mint and orange
blue and orange
Dusty Rose and Mustard
Dusty Rose and Pampas

Three-colour Combinations – Which ones would you like to see?

Grey, Latte, Mustard
Grey, Mint and Lavender
Navy, Grey, Coral

Mint, Coral and Navy
Grey, Mustard and Sage
Pampas, grey and black
Mustard, Navy & Light Blue
Black, grey and red
Grey, red and pampas

That’s it for now! Thank you for sharing your thoughts in the comments!

What are you thoughts on the colour combos? Any combinations you like that you didn’t think you would have?
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12 responses to “What to Do If You Are Depressed?”

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  2. Caitlin Avatar

    This is so helpful to see how colours look together! Thank you for putting this together. If you are ever looking to add more colour combos I’d love to see navy, mustard and light blue!

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      Thank you Caitlin for your comment, I appreciate it! I just added the navy, mustard and blue, it is the last picture. Let me know if there are other combos you would like.

  3. Katie Avatar

    This is amazing!!!! Thanks so much … any chance you could do theatre set combos?

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      Hi Katie! maybe I could (if pictures are available on the Roo and you site)… which colours would you like to see?

  4. […] for battling depression or anxiety in the comments, and what worked for you. I’m also adding here the link to my post about Behavioral Activation if you did not have the chance to read it. If you liked this […]

  5. Katherine Avatar

    Merci d`avoir partagé le site pour Behavioral Activation. C`est une stratégie logique et je pense essayer certains exercices écrits cette semaine, comme classifier les activités que je fais.

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      Je suis contente de lire que la source sur BA pourrait peut-être t’aider. Je planifie en parler plus à un moment donné aussi. Merci de ton commentaire!

  6. Janelle Avatar

    Brigitte, tu dis plein de choses qui sont tellement vraies au sujet de la dépression, mais en ayant vécu ce que tu as vécu, tu es la meilleure personne pour en parler. Je sais que tu vas aider les autres. J’ai déjà parlé de ton blogue à mes patients au travail qui vivent des deuils, et j’espère qu’ils iront sur ton site. C’est toujours mieux d’avoir des conseils de quelqu’un qui a passé par là. Continue ton beau travail ma chère. J’aime toujours te lire. Ce que tu écris vient du coeur et c’est toujours beau. XOXO

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      salut Janelle, encore une fois, je te remercie du fond du coeur pour tes beaux messages. Je te remercie également de le partager, ça fait toujours plaisir d’entendre ceci (et que ça peut aider). J’espère que vous allez bien. xox

  7. Allison Avatar

    I just ordered my second Joey 😬 It’s fun to see the colour combinations!

    I appreciate your blog so much. Losing a child is unimaginable… I lost my only sibling a few years ago and am still wading through the grief of it all. There are so many ripe effects. Having projects that were fun and manageable helped me get through that first year…. big hugs to you maman.

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      Hi Allison! Keep me updated about your Joey! I’m sure you won’t regret it! I’m sorry to hear that you also lost someone so close to you. Grief is so hard, so yes like you, projects help me go through it. I’m happy to be able to chat with you on this blog. thanks so much for reading!

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