The Joey Couch with Adélie

Are Play Couches and Playsets Worth It?

We decided to invest in some indoor activities for the kids. We ordered a small gym for Adélie, a “jungle gym” LimiKids play structure for Maxandre and The Joey modular couch.

Vé Boisvert Art Painting Toile Zackaël

Under Zackaël’s Wings

I reveal a beautiful artwork (with videos!) that was created in honour of Zackaël. The painting was created by Vé Boisvert, a talented artist.

Adélie Flintoff TVA nouvelles Gatineau

Adélie on the News

Adélie à TVA Gatineau, TVA nouvelles. 1 an après l’accident sur la 323 avec l’orignal et le décès de Zackaël Flintoff


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