A New School for Adélie: the CHEO School!

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Over the past few months, several people asked about Adélie. As promised, here is an update on her journey.

Adélie started school last September, the same school as her two brothers. She was in a regular junior kindergarten class with modified learning expectations. She received additional help from an educational assistant (EA) for about half of her time at school. Because of Adélie’s reduced mobility, the EA helped her with clothing, transitions, going to the bathroom, etc.

As for Adélie’s therapies, the plan was that she could receive them on the school premises. Before the start of school, Adélie had been receiving up to 4 therapies per week. The private therapists would come to our house or the daycare: a physiotherapist (twice a week), an occupational therapist (once a week) and a speech-language pathologist (once a week). In addition to understanding her needs, two of her therapists specialize in brain injuries and their rehabilitation.

Home-Based Therapy

Last year, we discussed with the school about her therapies and that they were ready to accommodate her therapies. With the help of the EA, the therapists would have been welcomed on site at school and a room would have been available when needed.

However, in October, we learned that Adélie would not be able to receive her therapy treatments at school, even when the pandemic is over. The school board would not permit private therapists on school premises. It was a major disappointment for all of us, including the therapists. Especially considering that there would be no additional cost to the school board since the costs are covered privately.

The CHEO School

In early December, we discussed the situation with the treatment centre at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). They agreed that Adelie needed more therapy than what the school board was offering and suggested that we apply for a spot at the CHEO School. We were lucky that there was an opening in the French class, and in mid-December, we learned that Adélie’s application had been accepted!

Adélie has been attending the CHEO School since January, and has therefore been able to receive regular therapies adapted to her needs. This will be for one year and a half, since the CHEO School is a short-term program only offered through kindergarden. As such, she will go back to regular school in 1st grade. In future publications, I plan to talk about:

  • CHEO School
  • The importance for children with special needs to be able to receive private therapy on school premises
  • The differences between School-based therapies (offered in regular schools) vs. Private therapies

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who wrote comments on the blog or Youtube in regards to Adélie’s slideshow! Many of the comments touched us enormously. As mentioned, we will save these comments for Adelie. I even plan to create for her a photo album about her journey in which I plan to add them!

That’s it for now!
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19 responses to “A New School for Adélie: the CHEO School!”

  1. Lara Avatar

    Oh this is wonderful! I didn’t even know CHEO had a school!

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      thank you Lara! We didn’t know until we talked to a CHEO person in November 2021! It’s great for these kids!

  2. Veronica Avatar

    Thanks for the update on Adelie’s new school. As always, she looks happy and ready to continue her journey with a smile on her beautiful face! What a joy she must be to educate.

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      thanks Veronica. Yes, she is so happy at the school and love her friends, teachers and therapists! Apparently, she’s the little sunshine over there!

  3. Lise Murphy Avatar
    Lise Murphy

    Brigitte, Je suis tellement contente d’apprendre les progrès a Adélie, mais je suis super déçue du manque de soutien du conseil scolaire, a son école, notre école, l’école de Maxandre et Zackael… c’est terrible et démontre un système sans souplesse.

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      Merci Lise pour ton appui. Effectivement, c’était très décevant de la part du conseil de ne pas permettre aux thérapeutes spécialisées de se rendre sur les lieux. J’ai fait plusieurs démarches et tenté d’expliquer la situation, mais l’appui n’y était pas (du conseil). C’est de valeur car l’école était prête à faire les arrangements, nous avions l’appui de l’école. Je trouve cela très désolant de ne pas aider les enfants à besoin spéciaux ; ce que ces petits enfants( déjà pris avec un handicap) ont de besoin pour leur santé et leur bien-être. C’est aussi décourageant pour nous de devoir essayer de convaincre, en temps et énergie, après tout ce que nous avons passé à travers. Je vais écrire une autre publication à ce sujet. Ces règles (de refuser les thérapeutes) rendent tellement plus difficile la vie des parents à enfants à besoins spéciaux, c’est un gros problème qui touche beaucoup de familles.

  4. Laura Barron Avatar
    Laura Barron

    Very happy she is now in a school that’s a good fit for her. She has such wonderful supportive parents. Those photos are beautiful, she is growing so big.

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      yes, we are lucky to have CHEO not too far! Thank you for your comment Laura!

  5. CMH Avatar

    What a great opportunity for Adelie! Best wishes to her. 🙂

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      thank you 🥰

  6. Denise Lehoux Avatar
    Denise Lehoux

    Très bonne nouvelle. Ça sera plus facile pour les intervenantes ainsi que pour Adelie. Moins de déplacement et une routine plus régulière. Ça va bien aller mon petit bout d’entrain!

    Est-ce que je dois faire une autre demande pour recevoir le blog. Merci!

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      merci matante! Oui, il y a plusieurs avantages à l’école CHEO, y compris ceux que tu viens de nommer. C’était un soulagement qu’on trouve une solution au moins pour la prochaine année et demie. Tu es déjà abonnée, donc pas besoin de faire une autre demande! Merci!

  7. Kristy Avatar

    This is a wonderful update! I’m so happy to hear that Adelie was accepted in Cheo school…this is definitely the best spot for her at this point! Bravo Adelie!! Continues avec ton progrès!

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      Thank you Kristy, you are so right! We were so happy (and relieved) that she could continue her therapies without interrupting too much her days!

    2. Margaret Lesarge Avatar
      Margaret Lesarge

      All good news. I am sure she will do well. She always seems to be a happy girl.❤️

  8. Yasaman Avatar

    What a strong beautiful girl she is ! Look at that smile ! Way to go Adelie

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      thank you Yasaman! Yes, she has a beautiful smile 😄

  9. Marie-José Chénier Avatar
    Marie-José Chénier

    Quelle bonne nouvelle! Adélie aura des meilleurs soins et de façon plus intensive. Merci pour cette bonne nouvelle!

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      au plaisir Marie-José et merci de continuer à suivre ses progrès!

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