Grief & Trauma

Maxandre Flintoff

Isn’t Child Loss Enough?

I talk about the impact of the pandemic on our grief journey. I share a secondary loss due to the accident.


23 Myths About Grief

I talk about some of the ignorance in regards to grief and provide a concrete example. I share the top 23 common myths about grief and ask for your thoughts about the myths (through a little poll!).

20 Ways to Remember our Loved Ones

There are many creative and meaningful ways to keep the memory of loved ones alive. In this post, I share 20 commemorative gestures anyone can make with pictures!

Zackael trampoline

Writing your Grief Course – Today’s Prompt

I started a course on grief. The course is called Writing Your Grief. Every day, we receive an email with a writing prompt encouraging us to explore an aspect of our grievance. Today is Day # 3.

Quote with image: You will never truly understand until it happens to you

Let’s Talk

Studies have shown that writing or talking about our difficulties has a positive impact on our health and immune system. Being vulnerable isn’t a weakness, but rather shows some emotional maturity.


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I’m Brigitte, a grieving mother. I live in Ottawa. In 2019, our little family of five was involved in a tragic accident. Our sweet Zackaël did not survive, and our daughter Adélie was seriously injured.

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