10 Reasons why we should Educate ourselves about Grief

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A few weeks ago, I had the idea to try something different for my next post (this one). These days, many people prefer the visual, that is, videos instead of written articles. Videos or “Vlogs”, usually on Youtube, can bring another dimension and are generally preferred, especially by younger people. In addition, it would it easier for people to see my posts while getting ready for the day, working out or preparing dinner, just to name a few examples!

Since my subject is quite serious and lengthy, I thought this would be a good opportunity to try my first video. It would surely take less time, I thought; no need to proofread and refine a written article! It turns out, I was wrong! It took a long time, much longer than I expected, and it wasn’t easy!

As such, I would kindly ask you to “like” directly in Youtube and add a comment if possible. Your engagement will certainly help me make all the effort (and frustrations) I put into creating the video worthwhile!

Of the ten reasons I describe in the video, which one is your favourite or most interesting to you? I would love to read your opinions (directly in Youtube if possible). I thank you in advance!

If you understand French, I recommend the French video as it is in my first language. Alternately, below is the link to the English video (click on youtube thumbnail).

Grieving Maman Video Vlog - 10 Reasons why we should educate ourselves about Grief - Grief Awareness and Education

That’s it for now!
Please share your thoughts in the comments below. We appreciate them.

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6 responses to “10 Reasons why we should Educate ourselves about Grief”

  1. Denver Avatar

    Brigitte, you are right. Grief is not something any of us can escape in this life. Thank you for sharing your personal insights on how and why we should learn more about grief. Adelie is absolutely beautiful in her pictures! She looks like a princess.

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      thank you Denver! You are right, very few people will be lucky to not go through grief that hurts. Adélie does look like a princess! I wish I could buy that dress, but she grows so fast!

  2. Danielle Avatar

    Quelle belle façon de nous éduquer sur ton deuil et de nous donner des précieux conseils Brigitte. Merci aussi de partager les superbes photos de famille! Adélie est merveilleuse et vous êtes beaux tous les cinq! Il arrive parfois que William parle de Zackaël et de sa mort et nous regardons des photos ensemble.

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      un gros merci Danielle pour ton message! Ça me fait chaud au coeur de savoir que William parle de Zackaël. Si ça te dérange pas, pourrais-je publier en novembre la page de son album qui contient votre témoignage et les photos avec les deux. Tu me ré-écrire en privé si tu veux. Merci de commenter et lire mon blogue, c’est vraiment apprécié!

  3. Lynn Avatar

    Évidemment beaucoup de travail pour ce vlog si bien fait…Et en plus très informatique. Merci Brigitte

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      merci Lynn! J’espère que vous allez corrects durant ces temps difficiles. Je pense à vous xox

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