Ongoing Speech Therapy After TBI

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In December 2019, we received the bad news that our daughter’s traumatic brain injury (TBI) to the left side of her brain was severe and permanent. This was devastating because we had just lost our son in the same accident.

We also learned that this brain hemisphere, the left one, is responsible for language and speech.

How a Brain Injury on the Left Side can Impact Someone

(Image Source: Constant Therapy Health)

How a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or Stroke on the Left Side can Impact Someone, including language, speaking and writing
Source: Constant Therapy Health

Ongoing Practice to Improve her Speech

Even after the accident, we continue to speak both languages with her; I talk in French with her, her dad talks in English with her.

Speech therapy is one of many type of therapies Adélie gets weekly or bi-weekly. However, 45 minutes a week or every 2 weeks is not enough. For this reason, I try to work with her on word pronunciation every day.

Below is a Reel that I posted on Facebook last week. It includes a video where you can see an example of quick speech therapy I do at home with her. I had noticed that she was not pronouncing the word “vidéo” correctly, so that’s the word we were practicing!

Adélie continues to improve her speech in both languages and we are very proud of her!

Click on the image to view the Reel. The Reel is in French, the text that is included contains the same information as presented in this blog post.

Facebook Reel – At Home Speech Therapy

Pratique en orthophonie suite à une blessure au cerveau. Le traumatisme crânier a un impact sur le langage, la prononciation et le parler.

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6 responses to “Ongoing Speech Therapy After TBI”

  1. Janelle Boulianne Avatar
    Janelle Boulianne

    Bravo Adélie! Tu es tellement belle et persévérante! Continue tes beaux efforts avec maman. Tu fais du progrès! Tu es tellement adorable.

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      Merci beaucoup Janelle! Oui elle fait beaucoup de progrès grâce à sa détermination!

  2. Margaret Lesarge Avatar
    Margaret Lesarge

    She is such a positive, happy little girl. Well done, Adelie.

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      thank you so much

  3. Judy Avatar

    Well what her brain injury didn’t take away was…her smile, her happy disposition, and her determination to work on things!
    Well done Adelie

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      very true! We are very happy that she’s such a happy girl!

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