Forever a Sens Fan (with slideshow)

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Being a sports fan is a “very psychologically healthy activity,” says Daniel Wann, professor at Murray State University, whose research program centers on the psychology of sport fandom. Fandom connects us to other like-minded people, which satisfies our human need for belonging, he says.

For children, other studies have suggested watching sports may even help improve language skills. Specifically, parts of the brain linked with planning and controlling actions get activated when fans just listen to conversations about their sport.

Others point out that deep knowledge of sports also benefits children’s memory and math skills, given that statistics, numbers, and transactions are often part of the sports world. I see this with our son Maxandre, whom at 11 years old, is very comfortable discussing trades and salary caps.

Supporting a sport team as a family activity

From a young age, we have included our children in sport outings and fandom to encourage our local teams. Over the years, we had the chance to take them to Ottawa Senators (Sens) games and events.

Our son Maxandre has become a big Sens fan and knows the team, the players and the transactions inside out. Adélie also enjoys the hockey experience and is SpartaCat’s biggest fan!

On “Claude 9”

In July, the Senators acquired several new high-profile players. For us, the most exciting of these transactions was the acquisition of Claude Giroux, originally from Hearst, my hometown! After five years of missing the playoff, enthusiasm is high for this team so full of potential. Next week, we will be able to go to the home opener and see the Sens’ new and improved roster.

Source: Ottawa Senators Twitter (@Senators) Claude Giroux, Brady Tkachuk, Thomas Chabot

Memories should be cherished

I created a montage of family moments (with music), giving our own Sens memories a second life. Despite the smiles you may see in the photos, I must admit that in December 2019 and February 2020, our moments with the Senators were bittersweet.

In February 2020, we were meeting the Senators because of the tragic accident that lead to Zackaël’s death. However, ironically, Zackaël was no longer with us and couldn’t meet the Sens. I was incredibly sad and couldn’t enjoy the moments we had with the Sens and visiting their locker room.

The players were extremely kind and a few gave their hockey sticks to Maxandre, as they knew he was a big fan. In the slideshow, I believe that we can slightly see the sadness in our eyes, but also our resilience to continue with our lives.

Our Senators Memories

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5 responses to “Forever a Sens Fan (with slideshow)”

  1. Ryan Toole Avatar
    Ryan Toole

    Wonderful slide show – hockey fanatics, the both of them! ! Beautiful pictures.

    We have a pic of all the boys kitted out in sens gear together in our living room – great pic – wrong sweater for me though (Habs…).

    Again, lovely post.

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      Would love to have you hear in Ottawa for a Sens-Habs game on of these days! Thanks so much Ryan for you comment.

  2. Janelle Avatar

    Merci d’avoir partagé ceci avec nous Brigitte. Oui je vois de la tristesse dans tes yeux mais je vois aussi du courage et la résilience de maman dont tu travailles tant à cultiver à l’intérieur de toi. Tu aides certainement à développer cette résilience chez Maxandre et Adélie. Merci de garder nos souvenirs de Zackaël vifs.

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      merci Janelle. Le courage et la résiliences sont des traits qui sont souvent développés après des moments difficiles, mais c’est vrai que nous avons persisté. Merci de me le faire rappeler aussi ce que nous faisons car nous nous oublions parfois dans nos moments difficiles.

  3. Carl Avatar

    Love the slideshow, great memories, Go Sens Go!

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