Remembering our Moments Together

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I dedicate this post in memory of my uncle Armand Lehoux

Today has been a difficult day for us. We received the coroner’s report about Zackaël’s death in the mail last Friday. This morning, Carl told me he had read the report earlier in the morning. He said it wasn’t a good idea and he found it difficult. I immediately started to cry. I hadn’t even looked at the report. I will read it another time when I feel ready.

This is one of those days when whatever the situation, emotions are coming out. I cried most of the day. People might think birthdays or special occasions are the hardest days. This is not necessarily the case.

Unfortunately, we have some tough days that appear without warning. Either way, we are trying our best to live normal lives and enjoy the beautiful times. But spontaneously, the pain suddenly resurfaces. And that’s normal. On that note, as I mentioned in a previous post, it’s better for our health to release our emotions than to hold them back.

Sharing our beautiful moments

This Friday February 26, Zackaël would have been 7 years old. In honor of Zackaël, every day this week, I will try to share a beautiful moment that I had with my little angel. There are moments that may seem trivial to you, but to me, they have a certain meaning.

Memory of the day

Zackaël was an observant little boy. He wasn’t the type to talk a lot, rather he liked to observe others. I always found him very visual.

It must have been only about 1 month before his death. One evening, before the kids went to bed, we were in Maxandre’s room. On the wall of the bedroom, we have a map of North America.

I asked Maxandre if he remembered where Hearst is located. Hearst is my hometown, a small town in northern Ontario. Maxandre could not remember, he took a guess and didn’t point at the right spot. But here is little Zackaël, who suddenly points his finger directly at Hearst on the big map. I was very surprised, I didn’t even remember that I had shown him. He was happy when I said “bravo Zackaël”.

I was surprised, but at the same time I was not. He was a very attentive boy.

This is a photo of Maxandre’s map, where you can see Hearst.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of Zackaël pointing at the map. But I still have the memory of that moment, which will be forever etched in my mind.

💚 Zackaël, forever 5 years old 💚

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18 responses to “Remembering our Moments Together”

  1. CMH Avatar

    Zackael and my daughter were in the same class. I will be sure to dress her in green on Friday in honor of Zackael’s birthday.

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      thank you to you and your daughter for wearing green on Friday!! 💚

  2. Kristy Avatar

    So true that it is not just the special occasions (birthdays, Christmas,…) that cause emotions to surface and, even truer, that holding in emotions is not good! I can picture Zackael sitting in the background quietly and the jumping up and pointing out Hearst to everyone’s surprise! Hopefully Maxandre wasn’t upset his brother “won”! 💜💚💚💜💚

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      Zackaël was funny, because as quiet as he could be, he always had a lot of energy! Thanks for commenting! 💜

  3. Ramona Avatar

    That was a beautiful memory, about a beautiful little boy, thank you for sharing ❤️

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      merci Ramona d’apprendre à connaître mon beau Zackaël

  4. Adele Picknell Avatar
    Adele Picknell

    J’aime beaucoup ton idée de partager des petites anecdotes, qui ne semblent peut-être pas très significatives, mais qui nous aident à mieux le connaître. ❤

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      merci Adèle de les lire et d’apprendre à connaître Zackaël! ❤

  5. Veronique St-Onge Avatar
    Veronique St-Onge

    Those little moments that make our days are just as cherishible as the big days and holidays. Thank you for sharing your journey through grief. I’m getting to know your beautiful Zakaël, Maxandre and Adélie. I think of you often. Sending you and your family big hugs!

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      merci beaucoup Véronique de lire à propos de notre famille et de mon beau Zackaël 👼

  6. Rebecca Avatar

    We didn’t know your son but I feel like I’m getting to know him through these posts. My son is 5 years old and he also loves maps!

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      thank you Rebecca to continue to read about Zackaël!

  7. Veronica Avatar

    Thank you for sharing your special memories of Zackael.

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      thank you 💗

  8. Denver Avatar

    I admire your whole family’s strength, and I am continually in awe of how you all continue to push through and show up each day for each other despite the pain. I will be making sure to wear green in honour of Zackael’s birthday this Friday. Thank you for sharing the sweet memory about him. Even though I wasn’t obviously there, I closed my eyes and could picture Zack’s sweet smile beaming with pride after he showed you where Hearst was. I am looking forward to reading about the rest of the memories you share this week about him 💚

    1. Renee Avatar

      Thank you for sharing these memories, I look forward to the rest of them and will share them with Miles and Frances. 💚

      1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

        thank you Renée. I will continue to share memories about Zackaël and I’m happy to see that you are sharing them with Miles and Frances 💚.

    2. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      thank you Denver for wearing green and for your kind message. I will continue to share memories about Zackaël 💚. Thank you for enjoying them

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