4 Years Ago; our 3 year-old Zackaël

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Before I start, I realized today that the Comment box wasn’t working on French posts. I apologize for this, it’s now fixed! Also, as you might have read in earlier posts, I first write my posts in French. Reading the “original version” is usually better when possible, so if you know French, I would suggest reading the French posts as they are probably more well-written.

I am continuing today to share beautiful moments we had with Zackaël. I go back 4 years, February 26, 2017, the day of his third birthday. In the morning, I had taken a video while he was having fun jumping and running on the sofa. It was his favorite activity. He could spend a ½ hour frolicking like this on the sofa.

In the video, I’m not sure why, but you might hear Maxandre in the background trying to convince Zackaël that it wasn’t his birthday. Maybe to tease him? We added captions to the video. He is so cute!

How I wish I could go back and be on the sofa with him so he could throw himself in my arms, or even jump on me. I used to take him in my arms and sing to him “en bateau, mamie mamie”; he loved it so much when I bounced him on my leg singing this song. I think he must have learned the song at daycare.

As he got older, he even improved his “sofa skills”. At 3 years old, we would see him running and jumping on the sofa. When he was 4, he started hopping even higher on the sofa. Sometimes we would come into the room and see him standing on his head on the couch. He would sit there on his head for minutes at a time, I don’t know how he did it. And at 5, he would use the couch to do all kinds of somersaults.

Zackaël has always been a little climber and a jumper. A natural gymnast. Watching him wasn’t always easy for me though, he would nearly give me heart attacks. I always had to watch him and tell him “be careful Zackaël!”. I was so scared he would fall when he did this, but luckily it never happened.

Thank you to everyone who will wear green tomorrow or make any commemorative gesture. I just brought tonight the big photo in front of her memorial tree to Le Prélude school. Don’t hesitate to hang a ribbon or light in the tree. If your child knew Zackaël and would like to take a picture with the big photo, there is no problem.

For tomorrow’s post, the choice is yours! I invite you to participate in the survey! Thank you for participating!

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15 responses to “4 Years Ago; our 3 year-old Zackaël”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    What a lovely memory. Thank-you for sharing it with us!

  2. Paige Avatar

    I’ve been thinking about Zackaël a lot today. I love these stories about him. Thank you for sharing ❤️

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      thank you Paige. I will continue to share stories about him, I am sure it will bring back memories as well ❤️

  3. Denver Avatar

    What a sweet video of Zack. He was so energetic and active! Thinking of you all today xoxo

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      yes, he always had a lot of energy!

  4. Marie-Line Lacroix Avatar
    Marie-Line Lacroix

    Tu es une belle inspiration pour nous tous! Continue le beau travail Brigitte. C’est très touchant!

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      merci beaucoup Marie-Line de vous abonner à mon blogue et pour votre commentaire!

  5. Veronica Avatar

    Thanks for sharing the video of Zackael. He was full of energy. The memorial at Le Prelude School is a beautiful tribute. Will be thinking of all of you today.

  6. Lynn Avatar

    Je porte un chandail vert aujourd’hui à l’honneur de Zackael…Je pense à vous.

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      merci énormément Lynn d’avoir porté du vert en l’honneur de Zackaël 💚

  7. Yvonne Camiré-Lehoux Avatar
    Yvonne Camiré-Lehoux

    Brigitte, merci de partager ces beaux vidéos. Voir Zackaël sauter sur le sofa et faire des headstands sera toujours gravé dans ma mémoire, ce qui réflète comment actif et athlétique il était. Nous avons eu le bonheur d’être là pour célébrer avec vous les 3 ans de Zackaël. Ce n’est pas souvent le cas lors des anniversaires de nos enfants et petits-enfants étant donné les 1000 km qui nous séparent. L’arbre en hommage à Zackaël est très bien illuminé et décoré. Nous sommes avec vous en pensées à jamais mais demain encore plus. Je suis certaine que plusieurs anges se joindront à Zackaël pour célébrer sa fête et sauter avec lui. Gros câlins.

    1. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

      merci pour ton beau message et tous tes gestes commémoratifs (ainsi que les photos que tu m’as envoyées). Je partagerai une photo (encore plus belle) du mémorial en soirée avec les spotlights qui se sont allumés vendredi soir

      1. EricB Avatar

        C’était super beau ton petit mémorial près de l’arbre. Nous avons pris une marche en famille spécifiquement pour aller le voir vendredi soir dernier et nous avons évidemment eu une belle petite pensée pour Zackaël et votre famille en ce jour d’anniversaire.

      2. Brigitte Lehoux Avatar

        merci énormément Eric et famille d’avoir pris le temps et d’avoir visité le mémorial. C’était une belle soirée avec une pleine lune.

  8. CMH Avatar

    Beautiful memorial at Le Prelude school 💚

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