Commemorative Tree for Zackaël

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At the end of October, a beautiful tree was planted at the Prélude school (in Orléans) in honour of Zackaël. We chose an ornamental chanticleer pear tree. In spring, the tree will be clothed in stunning clusters of white flowers . The white and the beauty of the flowers represent Zackaël, a beautiful, sweet, innocent and angelic little boy. In summer, it will also grow small fruits and will display a superb orange-red fall color by fall.

École le Prélude
Zackaël Flintoff

Above is a photo of the tree in the fall. The tree was planted just accross the kindergarten / garden school yard where Zackaël played during recess. The tree is also near the school bus waiting area where his brother Maxandre awaits us every evening after school.

We ordered a custom plaque in his honour which will be placed in front of the tree. On November 17th, we installed small green lights, it is Zackaël’s favourite colour. Don’t hesitate to add a small solar or battery-powered lantern to the tree, or a small decoration.

Thank you to my friends Cindy Thibodeau and Patrick Drolet for the beautiful tree!

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6 responses to “Commemorative Tree for Zackaël”

  1. cmeloche Avatar

    Oh woow!!! Belle idée

  2. Constance Avatar

    J’aime pouvoir croiser l’arbre chaque jour. C’est comme si Zackaël me faisait un p’tit coucou💚

  3. Tara Avatar

    A wonderful way to honour him. I’m sure his friends and classmates will appreciate the symbol and place to reflect and remember.

    1. Brigitte L Avatar

      thank you

  4. […] j’ai mis à jour celle à propos de l’arbre à l’école, notamment rajouté une photo avec les lumières! Si jamais vous passez, n’hésitez pas à rajouter une petite décoration ou […]

  5. Cindy Avatar

    J’adore l’emplacement que vous avez choisi 💚

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